Senior Banners focus on celebrating seniors! Printed on indoor/outdoor grade vinyl, banners are perfect for displaying at senior night celebrations and sports banquets. They also make great senior gifts! Below are some of the designs we've created for teams. Choose from one of these, or have a custom design created for your team! Standard banners size is 24"x36". Now available in 12"x18" mini-banners as well!

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Yard signs will once again be available in 2021! Below are a few new designs we're working on. For more information, click HERE.


How do I order senior banners for my team?

Contact me at to get started on the banner process. We'll schedule a session to get individual and group images of your seniors, and your banners will be created from there!

How is my banner design chosen?

Each year we create a new banner design for our sports team to celebrate their seniors. This includes individual, memory mate, and group/team options. We will customize colors, team names, logos and more to tailor your banners exactly to your team's needs!

How long does it take to create my banners?

From photo shoot to final banner production, the timeline for banner creation is generally 3-4 weeks.