Custom artwork is the ultimate way to celebrate your athlete(s). Each piece is unique and designed specifically for you! Pieces can be fun and whimsical, or dark and dramatic. They can feature one athlete, a group of seniors, or the entire team. Choose to utilize game shots, images from a banner session, or a combination of both. These pieces can be printed on paper, vinyl, canvas, or metal, and make a great addition to your home, office, or school! Ideas include, but not limited to:

Simple Senior Art

Player Highlight Poster

Senior Group Posters

Senior Night Graphics

Game Day Graphics

Season Schedules

Senior Shout-Outs/Artwork

Milestone Celebrations (points, goals, wins, etc)

College Commitment Graphics

Design fees start at $25 for single athlete pieces, and increase with number of athletes and complexity of design.

For more information or to get a quote on a project, please email

Below are some designs that I have created for my customers. These pieces require either game coverage and/or a media day session to build. Request one of these designs for your athletes or we can customize something just for you!


Simple Senior Art - These athlete-centric pieces make great gifts for your seniors, and are perfect for social media posts too! Available with and without name/year. Digitals & Prints available.

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Senior Shout-Outs - Mixed media art featuring your team's home field/rink/gym, player number, and images from the season. Requires coverage of at least two games.. Digitals & Prints available.

Senior Night Posters - Promote senior night to with a professional poster using images from our media day session. Use these graphics on your social media pages, then have prints made for senior gifts!

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Senior Group Banners - Senior group banners are perfect for senior nights and banquets. These can be serious or playful, and often use some of the 'fun' poses from the team's media day. These are available as vinyl banners or print products.

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Game Day Graphics - Clean graphics featuring images taken from game coverage or from your team's media day session. Game Day graphics can be purchased individually (for season openers or tournaments), or choose a full season graphics package.

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Milestone Celebrations - Celebrate individual or team milestones with a custom poster. Use game photos, media day images, or a mix of both. These make great keepsakes and gifts!

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Individual Athlete Art - You don't need an occasion to create a on-of-a-kind art piece for your athlete. If I've photographed your player, we can make something great!

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Season Recap - I created this piece for the 2021-2022 Braintree Boys Varsity Hockey team to commemorate their season. It is filled with action shots taken over the course of 8 games for the team, and includes images from their home rink as well. It was a fun one to make!