Dynamic action images of your athlete, playing the game they love. Game coverage starts with warmups and continues through post-game. Images are delivered in an online gallery with options for prints and digitals. Artwork upgrades are available.

$150/Game (full team)

$65/Athlete (max 3 athletes)


Individual banners are a popular way to celebrate senior athletes. Display them for senior night, hang them at end-of-season banquets, gift them to your seniors as a memorable keepsake. Banners are made from durable vinyl, suitable for displaying indoors or outdoors. Metal grommets make hanging easy (we recommend zip ties for affixing to chain link, or Command Hooks if using indoors). Standard individual banners are 24"x36", other sizes available upon request.

Individual Banners start at $50/each

Team/Group Banners pricing varies by number of athletes and size of banner.


Banner sessions are held on location at the gym, field, or rink.

Simple Banner Session... $75

1-2 poses of each athlete, to be used to create individual banners and/or a team banner. Images not available post session.

Media Day Package...$150

In addition to the standard banner poses, athletes will have the option to take 'fun' poses (cellies, etc), both individual and as a group. Teams can use these to request media day graphics, game day posts, senior artwork and more. Images will be available for purchase after the session.

*Team and group photos available upon request


Group Banners are ideal for senior nights, banquets, tournaments and competitions. They can feature as few as two athletes or as many as the entire team. Hang them in the dugout, take them on the road, display them in the gym. They are durable, vibrant, and designed specifically for you. Banner pricing depends on number of athletes and size of banner. Contact for more information.

*Requires banner session

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Custom artwork is the ultimate way to celebrate your athlete. Each piece is unique and designed specifically for your athlete, group of seniors, or team. Choose to utilize game shots, images from a banner session, or a combination of both. These pieces can be printed on paper, vinyl, canvas, or metal. Design fees start at $50*


*Requires game coverage and/or banner session